apple pencil charging adapter best buy

Best Apple Pencil Charging adapter at 2019

apple pencil charging adapter best buy
apple pencil charging adapter best buy

Apple Pencil is widely employed by artists, annotate PDF, edit texts, and tons more tasks on the iPad. It can easily handle multitasking and quick in responses.

Overall, it’s worth giving an attempt to Apple Pencil if you haven’t tilled date! Managing many tasks for extended hours or may be a few of days can drain your Apple Pencil’s battery.

This became so frustrating that I sought out various fixes that worked on behalf of me and will hopefully do an equivalent for you. To charge this on the go, you actually need a charging adapter, and that’s where we’ve got it covered!

We’ve listed a number of the simplest Apple Pencil (1st Gent) charging adapters available on the web! Let’s begin! I actually love the way the 3rd party manufacturers pride oneself in producing a number of the best charging adapters compatible with Apple Pencil (1st Gent)!

Taking those adapters into consideration, I even have thoroughly reviewed all those and came to a conclusion with top 10 charging adapters. Let’s have a glance at them right away!

If your Apple pencil isn’t charging wirelessly or via the charge port, a fast restart of your iPad Pro may remove any temporary software glitches causing the pencil not to charge. Technate is the most trusted brand when it involves charging adapters for Apple Pencil.

With 3-foot long charging cable to charge your Apple Pencil alongside a male connector for your USB A port and a female connector, this charging adapter would be my 1st preference in today’s list!

For those using an iPad Pro with a home button, press and hold the house button, and therefore, the power button for 20 seconds or until the Apple logo appears.

Then press the quantity down button for 1 second. Once done, then press and hold onto the facility button for 20 seconds or until the Apple logo appears.

The sole disadvantage is that this cable can’t be used as a lightning cable extender. If you’re using the wireless version of the Apple Pencil, there are some instances where re-pairing the pencil with the iPad pro can fix the difficulty.

For those using the plugin version of the Apple Pencil, you’ll follow an equivalent steps, but with the pencil plugged in.

For an additional fix, there are some cases where toggling Bluetooth on and off also allows the Apple Pencil to pair and obtain charged.

You can do that step by sliding up from rock bottom of the screen to access the control center. From there, then toggle Bluetooth off and on a couple of times.

This will even be wiped out Settings > Bluetooth. Aniasom comes with a female connector for Apple Pencil inside the cable once you charge together with your iPhone or iPad Pro. It also acts as a knowledge cable in order that you’ll sync your data as well.

Your Apple Pencil are often charged using this cable with a wall charger, power bank, computer, laptop, or may be a car charger.

This is done as this port can actually build up with dirt and dirt which may prevent the Apple Pencil from charging. To clean this, you’ll use a toothpick or sim card tool to dislodge any excess build from dirt.

Trioffer is the most affordable Apple Pencil charging adapter I even have encountered during this list.

The adapter comes with a female adapter alongside a USB A port which may be charged with power banks, laptops, and wall chargers as well. In fact, you don’t even need a separate adapter.

Simply insert the Apple Pencil within the female adapter and connect it to the USB port. If none of the above fixes have worked, your Apple Pencil could also be at the top of its life.

While they’re still relatively new products, there are some notions that if the Apple Pencil isn’t getting often used, this will actually kill the battery. The three feet male to female cable is quite enough to charge your Apple Pencil with ease. It comes with an 18-month warranty and excellent customer service after the sale.

Some have said that even 1-2 months of not using the Pencil has caused the battery to die and completely pack up. If this seems like you, your Apple Pencil should be under warranty, so getting to|it should”>it’s going to be worthwhile going to the Apple store for a free replacement.