apple tv 4k review video

Apple TV’s Smart platform 4k best review for its fans

apple tv 4k review video
apple tv 4k review video

Apple has generally adopted an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach to the Apple TV, which has evolved from a_little recorder into a rather more elaborate recorder.

Measuring 4.0 × 4.0 × 1.3 inches (3.3 cm), it’s neither sufficiently small to cover behind your TV nor large enough to affect the general appearance of your wall unit. It’s unremarkable yet elegant.

The Apple TV 4K looks almost just like the previous Apple TV, but flip the small recorder over, and you’ll notice a hoop of small cutouts on the 4K model that weren’t presented on its predecessor.


There is a power port, an HDMI port and an Ethernet port. (The device also works just fine via Wi-Fi.) the shortage of a digital audio port might be a reasonably significant oversight because that port can enhance your audio experience significantly.

Presenting 4K HDR videos without a high-fidelity audio option makes this set feel incomplete. These allow cool air to urge to the more powerful A10X chip.

It gets consider the touch while in action, but is extremely quiet — even when playing a game or streaming 4K content.

There’s just 32 GB storage within the standard model (£179/$179), and 64 GB within the version we’ve on test here, priced £199/$199.

The Apple TV 4K’s interface are some things of a paradox. Visually, it’s one among the cleanest, most engaging, most Customizable menu systems around.

Navigational, it could still use tons of labor, particularly for those times when you’re trying to modify among multiple services. That sounds paltry, particularly because it can’t be expanded by the addition of an external disk drive — but because the Apple TV 4K doesn’t download movies.

TV shows or music, but exclusively streams them, the sole storage, it needs is for the apps themselves. Foremost, Apple TVs home screen and menus are simply gorgeous.

Apps together

Unlike the tedious Amazon Fire TV or the jumbled Nvidia Shield TV, the Apple TV makes use of huge, clean, movable icons for every of your apps. There’s absolutely no guesswork in deciding where to travel for your favorite content.

Every app you’ve got is out there right from the house screen, and you’ll drag and drop their icons into whichever order is most convenient for you, or maybe make folders to cluster similar apps together.

The addition of folders, in fact, puts the Apple TV slightly before the Roku, long the gold standard in streaming-box organization.

The apps tend to be pretty small — Netflix is simply 41.6 MB, for instance — and though games files tend to be significantly bigger (Hitman GO is 1.21 GB), the 32 GB model should be sufficient for many people.

Far away from the house screen, however, things are a touch less straight forward. Apple has always favored surface-level aesthetics over deep-cut functionality within the Apple TV, but after two years, barely anything has changed.

Unless what you are looking for is on the front page, the App Store may be a mess (more thereon later). Apple’s own iTunes apps are difficult to parse, separating movies, TV shows, and music into three different stores for — well, no real reason, as far as I can tell.

Cool content

Once switched on, you’re treated to a typically slicked Apple experience, particularly if you’ve got an iPhone or other iOS device, which may be wont to share all of your account and WiFi info.

The device detects if your TV supports 4K resolution and adjusts its output accordingly. If you’ll receive it, everything the Apple TV 4K sends to your TV from now are going to be in 4K.

Arguably, the most important navigational problem is the TV app, which concatenates streaming content from a good sort of sources. Although the app debuted last year, it still feels half-baked. In theory, the TV app is quite a one-stop buy everything you’re watching.

Drawing in content from apps like HBO Go, Hulu and ABC, and even keeping track of which episodes you’re watching on which service.

Because the TV app makes use of only those apps to which you’re already subscribed, it can theoretically show you tons of cool content that will not cost you any additional money.